Step right up to witness the spectacle of a lifetime in the mysterious world of Circus in the Crate! This ain’t your grandma’s circus – it’s a fantastical journey that blends visual novel vibes with circus management mayhem, all wrapped up in a crate-sized package of dark fairy tale wonder. Get ready to watch and be amazed!

Schro-dazzling Director’s Chair

Meet Schrödinger, not your average black cat. He’s the brains, the paws, and the enigmatic charm behind the most peculiar circus ever. As the director, you’ll guide Schrödinger through a mysterious narrative filled with twists, turns, and a cast of characters that’ll leave you wondering if you’re in a circus or a carnival of chaos.

Paws, Claws, and Circus Laws

Circus in the Crate isn’t just about sitting back and enjoying the show – it’s about running the show! So you’ll have your hands full:

• Manage your circus empire
• Juggle the acts
• Balance the books
• Make choices
• Unlock different endings

Every decision, every twist in the narrative, leads you down a different path. Can you handle the chaos, or will your circus dreams turn into a clown car crash? Will you unravel the mysteries, or will the mysteries unravel you? The choice is yours!



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