It’s hard to imagine Gacha Club can be even more awesome. But Gacha Club 2 proves it possible! Brace yourself for a whirlpool of updates, both minor and epic, that will gacherize your gaming experience to the max. It’s going to be one spin of a virtual adventure!

3D Avatar Frenzy

Say goodbye to flat characters and hello to the third dimension! Gacha Club 2 is bringing your beloved avatars to life in full 3D glory. Watch them strut their stuff with new animations and personality quirks that’ll leave you in stitches. It’s like a mini 3D circus right on your screen!

Mega Customization Overload

Ready to unleash your inner style guru? Gacha Club 2 is taking customization to a whole new level. We’re talking outfits, hairstyles, and accessories galore. Dress up your crew in jaw-dropping attire and create a squad that’ll be the envy of the digital universe. Let your imagination run wild – the crazier, the better!

Expanded Gacha Universe

Hold onto your seats, Gacha fans, because the Gacha universe just got bigger! Explore new realms, meet zany characters, and embark on even crazier adventures. You’re in for a ride full of twists, turns, and surprises waiting around every corner!

Party Up with Pets

It’s not a real party until the pets arrive! Gacha Club 2 introduces an army of adorable pets ready to join the fun. Customize their colors, let them strut their stuff alongside your characters, and watch as the chaos ensues. Who said parties were for humans only?

Revamped Studio

But that’s not even the best part. Gacha Club 3 has cranked up the Studio feature to a whole new level of bonkers. Imagine shooting mini scenes that could put Hollywood to shame. More backdrops than a chameleon on a wallpaper store, more character positions than a yoga class on turbo mode, and interactions that’ll make your chibis the talk of the town.

Gacha Battles 2.0

Gear up for the ultimate battle royale! Gacha Club 2 revamps the battle system, bringing you more strategic madness and epic showdowns. Level up your characters, unlock new abilities, and face off against opponents in a battle extravaganza. It’s not just about style – it’s about flexing those battle muscles!

Mini-Games To All Tastes

The mini-games are back, and they’re wilder than ever! From dance-offs to whack-a-mole madness, they will have you hooked for hours. Unlock new games, challenge your friends, and compete for the title of Mini-Game Master. This and more – in Gacha Club 2! Check it out right now!



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