What will you get if you put the virtual wonders of Hololive and the juicy excitement of stacking Suika fruits into a blender and hit the button? A whole lot of Hololive Suika! Put on your stacking gloves (if those exist) and prepare to match with groove and style!

Same Old Suika, But Kind Of Hololiv-ish

Imagine a universe where your favorite Hololive characters transform into the sweetest suika fruits – watermelons for the uninitiated. It’s a fruity fiesta where virtual idols take a juicy twist, and your mission is to stack ’em high and match ’em right. Do you think you can do that?

How To Play Hololive Suika

• Your screen is about to be flooded with adorable Hololive characters.
• From the charming antics of Kizuna AI to the infectious energy of Gura, it’s a Hololive haven waiting to be stacked to the heavens.
• Grab those Hololive stars and stack them into precarious towers of fruity goodness.
• Two identical characters will merge into a bigger one.
• The higher you stack, the mightier the score.
• Don’t cross the line at the top of the screen!

Can you navigate the Hololive hurdles and emerge as the ultimate Suika stacker? We’re gonna soon find out! Bask in the fruity glory of your stacked towers, share your high scores with fellow Hololive fans, and revel in the sweet taste of virtual victory!



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